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English Coursesenglish courses

English Lessons One on OneThe English Courses are aimed at anyone who, no matter their age, would like to improve their English skills.

English One to One

       Whether you are looking for a better job or you want to improve your chances of being promoted within your company, take an interactive effective course, specially designed to meet your learning needs, learning style and schedule. 

  • Do you need to improve your English and become more confident while communicating with other people?
  • Do you want to improve your international career prospects?
  • Does your job require fluency in English?

Choose the ESL ("English as Second Language") course that best fits your needs from the Basic, General, Conversational or Business English courses provided by Language Training Online.

Romanian Coursesromanian courses

Romanian Lessons One to OneThe Romanian Courses (all levels) are specially designed to help you learn Romanian  fast and easy.

Romanian One to One

  • Are you an expatriate living in Romania?
  • Do you want to visit your friends or spend your holiday in Romania? 
  • Do you want to start a new business in Romania? 
  • Are you just curious about Romanian language and culture?

Either way, what you are looking for is the online “Learn Romanian with a Native Teacher course” containing personalized lessons specially designed to meet your needs and interests.
Learn with a teacher who can adapt the lessons to fit your learning style!

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