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Language Training Online provides high quality Romanian and English Classes Online, using student-centred teaching methods. That is, putting students needs, abilities and learning style first and, offering a personalized learning experience.

Romanian One to One

If you ever tried to learn Romanian on your own, using a DVD course, you most probably have come to the conclusion that the lessons were nice but limited and that you need a follow up course to teach you more than just greetings and how to find your way at the airport or a train station.

Take a one-to-one course with a native Romanian teacher who can explain to you the more subtle issues of the language; including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, what to say and what not to say in certain real life situations.

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Are you an expatriate living in Romania?
Do you want to visit your friends or spend your holiday in Romania?
Do you want to start a new business in Romania?
Are you just curious about Romanian language and culture?

Either way, what you are looking for is the online “Learn Romanian with a Native Teacher course” containing personalized lessons specially designed to meet your needs and interests.
Learn with a teacher who understands you and can adapt the lessons to fit your learning style!

English One to One

Do you need to improve your English and become more confident while communicating with other people?
Do you want to improve your international career prospects?
Does your job require fluency in English?

Choose the ESL ("English as Second Language") course that best fits your needs from theBasic, General, Conversational or Business English courses provided by Language TrainingOnline.

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Romanian / English trainer

My name is Simona, and I am the founder of Language Training Online.

I am a native Romanian speaking teacher working online with students from all over the world. I teach Romanian and English at a professional level using high quality lesson materials specially designed for each individual student.

I am a sworn translator authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

I have a BA in Philology, specializations: English Language and Literature; Spanish Language and Literature; An MA in European Law. I studied: Educational Psychology; School Pedagogy; The Methodology of Teaching a Foreign Language; Intercultural Education; General Linguistics; Comparative Linguistics of Germanic Languages; Phonetics and Phonology; etc.

I have experience in both offline and online one-to-one teaching, preparing personalized materials to best suit my students needs. I have taught a wide variety of students from first graders to senior citizens, complete beginners to advanced students. 

My Method

Is learning entire lists of words and expressions by heart the answer?
I would say that whatever you would struggle depositing into your memory, without understanding WHY certain expressions behave the way they do, is doomed to oblivion shortly after.

Our memory discards all the elements that are seldom if ever used by our brain, and believe me, the huge list of words and expressions you have learned by heart without using them in a real world context will fly away from your mind like spring butterflies. I am sure that those of you who already tried to learn Romanian using the “Teach yourself” phrasebooks or software available on the market know what I am talking about.
I have worked with a lot of students who used this method with no real results before turning to online one-to-one learning.

Memorizing grammar rules is not enough either: Not only that many language learners find grammar boring and hard to swallow but knowing all the grammar rules without using them in a real life context and without developing a strong vocabulary doesn't work either.

I’ve been a student too.
I believe that a good teacher should also learn what teaching methods NOT to use by remembering their times as a student. What they liked, what drove them learn better and easier, what kept them motivated and, why not, their frustrations related to the teaching process. Keeping all these in mind a good teacher will be able to provide their students the best learning experience there is.

So what is my teaching method?
As a teacher, my mission is to help my students maximize their learning potential by showing them how to sound and write like a native speaker.
As a student, you will dramatically increase your vocabulary and improve your listening, writing and speaking skills. Thus your discourse will sound natural from every point of view.

How to achieve all that?

Setting and meeting your goals: Setting goals helps you keep yourself motivated and gives you great satisfaction when meeting them. This step goes hand in hand with the constant assessment, since both you (as a student) and I (as a teacher) will measure your progress against the goals already set.

Relaxed atmosphere: Students need to feel supported and encouraged in developing their creative thinking. That is why; any possible mistakes will be corrected and explained thoroughly. That way you will be able to learn from your mistakes.

Learning is fun: Instead of finding yourself yawning while listening to an avalanche of information during a dull and lifeless presentation as too many times it happens in a traditional classroom or training session, you will be encouraged to exploit your own experiences as related to the new topic. The presentation will be geared to your level of experience, thus you will be able to apply new content to your knowledge.

Active participation versus passive learning: Some students prefer being actively involved while others prefer passive learning. My online one-to-one learning sessions provide a balance between the two as you will be active during the class, but you will also be able to sit back and review what you have learned so far, using the provided explanations and learning materials.

Constant assessment: Through assessment, the teacher can evaluate the student's progress toward achieving specific skills.
Constant assessment keeps you motivated as you become aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, being able to focus more on the subjects you need to review and, if needed, to get help from the teacher.

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Paul, England
"I have now completed my course. I have made real progress with Simona, she is a very good teacher and takes care to tailor lessons to her pupils' requirements. I shall certainly book further lessons."
Stefan, Germany
“I really like the way you teach. Lots of practical stuff. Really nice.”
John, England
“Most excellent teacher. Thanks for the flexibility in helping me to speak and understand subjects of interest to me. Your assistance and teaching are invaluable to me. Thanks so very much.”
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